Chiropractic Management Using a Brain-Based Model of Care for a 15-year-old Adolescent Boy with Migraine Headaches and Behavioral Learning Difficulties

(May 2014, St. Charles, IL) A recent article in the Journal of Chiropractic Medicine reported on a 15-month-old adolescent boy with a chronic history of migraines and more than 10 years of learning and behavioral difficulties, including attention-deficit/hyperactivity disorder, obsessive compulsive disorder, and Tourette syndrome, presented for chiropractic care.

Tourette syndrome is a neurodevelopmental disorder affecting approximately 1 in 300 to 400 individuals. It has also been found to have genetic correlations with obsessive-compulsive disorder and with attention-deficit/hyperactivity syndrome. 

Your St. Charles-based Chiropractor of 1st Place Chiropractic, Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter, follows health and wellness 
issues closely in professional journals and other publications stated, “The patient received spinal adjustments to the cervical, lumbar and pelvic regions of the left side of his body, and was given home physical coordination activities.”

The patient reported qualitative improvements in tics, attention, reading, vision, and health, relationships with his peers and his family, and self-esteem. “This patient with migraine headaches and learning difficulties responded well to the course of chiropractic care,” Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter related. “This is just one study, but it suggests that there may be value in a brain-based model of care in the chiropractic management of conditions that are beyond musculoskeletal in nature.” 

Anyone wishing more information may contact Dr. Kyrie Kleinfelter, whose office is located at 1750 E Main Street, St. Charles, IL, USA (630-584-5200 or 1stplacehealth@gmail.com).


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