More Details About The Russell Crowe Batavia Visit

A Batavia barista talks about seeing the famous actor, and clues emerge about Crowe's bike travels and exercise routines.

at the Tuesday caused quite the frenzy Tuesday.

Just ask Whitney Garwood, a barista that was working when Crowe ordered a tuna salad sandwich. Crowe bought the sandwich and a decaf latte from the , located next to the library’s main entrance.

“I saw it was Russell Crowe,” said Garwood, who spoke with Batavia Patch as her shift ended Tuesday. “It was kind of a shock because I wasn’t expecting to see any celebrities in our shop. But it was pretty cool.”

Crowe is part of the cast for Man of Steel, the new Superman movie that's currently filming in Plano, Sugar Grove and other locations. It's unclear whether Crowe, in the role of Superman's father Jor-El, is actually in the area to film scenes.

In a picture posted publicly on Facebook, Crowe is seen wearing workout clothes and sleeveless gloves during his meal on the Batavia Public Library patio. He and two other men arrived on bicycles, according to library staff.

Garwood had just started her shift at 1 p.m. She figures Crowe arrived about 10 or 15 minutes later.

Garwood was in the back and was called up when a man ordered a sandwich. She had to walk past the man on her way to the sandwich counter. That’s when she noticed it was Crowe.

“He had an Australian accent,” she said. “He sounded like he normally does in movies and such.”

Garwood figures he was on the patio outside the coffeehouse for about 30 minutes. She did not keep an eye on him because she had other work to do. When she got another chance to look by 2 p.m., he was gone.

Library Sneaks a Peek

A half-hour was more than enough time for word to spread that Crowe was in the building—or on the patio, rather.

A patron went down to the library’s lower level and told someone in Youth Services there was someone who looked like Crowe outside.

Youth Services then contacted Michele Martzel, the library's promotional services coordinator, about the sighting. Martzel went to get Library Director George Scheetz to investigate.

Once they went outside and saw the man, they had no doubt it was actually Crowe.

"I was a little flabbergasted and dumbfounded," Martzel said.

Martzel and Scheetz did not want to bother Crowe, but they were not going to let the opportunity pass to see if a celebrity was outside the library.

Other library employees and patrons felt the same way. A group of about seven of them watched Crowe from the small indoor area of the coffeehouse.

Crowe Rides Fox River Trail, Eats Gluten Free

Although Scheetz does not recall seeing a bicycle near Crowe at the library, other clues have started to emerge about the actor's rides.

The following message was sent out on Crowe's verified Twitter account at about 5 p.m. Wednesday:

"Fox river trail gets top marks St,Charles is very pretty,saw Elgin,Dundee,Algonquin thanks to the thousands responsible for the trail"

The actor also tweeted this morning that he went through Geneva yesterday and called it a nice place. He has mentioned his workout routines consist of walking, bike riding, movement with weights and more.

Crowe even responds to questions about his diet. On Tuesday, he sent out messages that said he eats 2000 calories a day, including beverages. Items include gluten-free food, water and "decaf iced non-fat coffee."

He appeared to be sticking to the diet in Batavia. A close-up of the picture (attached near the top of the story) on the patio shows his tuna sandwich was on lettuce. A drink that looks to be an iced latte is also partially in the photo.

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To read our other full report on Crowe's Batavia stop, click .

JMZ August 18, 2011 at 04:13 PM
Really? As much as this is slightly interesting, I can't believe the articles being written about a man taking a bike ride and eating a sandwich! After all, he's just a lucky man who makes a lot of money entertaining people! I'm sure he works hard and is probably a nice person. But getting all "star struck" is a little embarrassing, don't you think? By the way, I ate some homemade tomato soup yesterday for lunch - how uninteresting is that? Maybe if I tell you I got the recipe from a famous chef, it would be more exciting?
Kim McGuire August 18, 2011 at 04:59 PM
If you see Russell Crowe, let him know I have gluten-free caramel corn! Creative Kernels, Yorkville.
Casey August 19, 2011 at 02:41 AM
He came into O'Brien's Pub in Batavia to use the restroom. I guess the commode had it's brush with fame.
Patrick August 23, 2011 at 03:25 PM
I saw Crowe and his film crew this morning (Monday Aug 23) at the 'windmill' park on rte 25. He was with a group of people coming out of the woods at 6:30 am with camera grips carrying the cameras. There was an SUV on the trail and I am like WTF? Then I recognized Crowe, but no one else walking back to the picnic area where they were seen setting up last night (on my way home from the Geneva Train to Batavia on the same trail).


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