Charlestowne Mall's 'Woes Are of Its Own Making'

Crain's Chicago Business reports on troubles the struggling mall is facing.

Some of the issues the Charlestowne Mall need to overcome are of its own doing, according to Crain's Chicago Business.

"Some of Charlestowne's woes are of its own making," Crain's reports in a March 12 article. "Until last year, when it was sold out of receivership, the mall was owned for five years by creditors who did nothing to bring in fresh retailers."

The articles elaborates on the ongoing troubles the mall faces and what it's currently doing to fight back against an 80 percent vacancy rate.

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In February, St. Charles Patch reported on how plans inside the mall to add a ice skating rink and seafood buffet remained in preliminary stages. A mall spokesman told Patch that building permits "still have not been issued."

Crain's reports that the city officials say the permits had yet to be applied for by mall management.

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Jay Thomas March 15, 2012 at 05:32 PM
The original developers of the Charlestowne Mall went out on a limb proposing to build such a large mall here. Typically, these large malls need a substantial population base from which to draw customers, if they are going to succeed. The middle of Kane County doesn't have it. When the Elgin area is served by Spring Hill Mall and the Aurora area by Fox Valley Mall and we have Stratford Square Mall to the east, there simply isn't sufficient population to make the Charlestowne Mall a viable entity unless it can offer something unique that the others don't have.
Andrea Ahlsen April 10, 2012 at 02:30 AM
As a former resident of St. Charles I used to go out of town for higher end shopping and better stores minus Von Maur. I found that the mall lost a "theme" or a "meaning" quite a long time ago. I don't consider Fox Valley Mall to be an adequate comparison. When I say high end shopping, I think of Oakbrook. I would wonder how many residents made the same trek away from the Far West suburbs for finer quality items versus commodity and trinket stores.
Nick Swedberg (Editor) April 10, 2012 at 02:50 AM
@Andrea—I would agree; the mall doesn't have a theme that ties together a larger concept. I think it's well beyond that.
Linda April 10, 2012 at 04:39 AM
I must agree with Andrea as well. I do not and will not shop at Fox Valley Mall, Stratford Square Mall or Spring Hill. They are all depressing and believe me I am not a snob! Far from it. Shopping to me is a get away and should be a fun thing to do with friends (shop and lunch) but these malls are dark and dingy and depressing! I do shop at Yorktown, and Oakbrook. Yorktown at one time, long ago was somewhat depressed as well. Whoever owns the Yorktown Mall has done a fantastic job to revitalize and bring in shoppers. And, Yorktown is down the road from Oakbrook so the theory about having other malls (inside or out) in the same vicinity with not enough population in my eyes is incorrect. People from all over travel to Oakbrook, Yorktown and Woodfield. It's not just the people that live in those areas. Build it and they will come. Put more stores like Von Mauer in Charlestown Mall, and I guarantee they will come. Build up the area around Charlestown Mall with some good restaurant chains and they will come. Stores like Kohls need to move into the strip mall where Stein Mart's home is located. That strip mall is totally depressed and I'm sure would welcome something like a Kohls. St. Charles needs to do something quick or we won't have anything on this side of town! It will be totally depressed which then will bring down everything else. I love St. Charles and really don't want to see that happen.


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