Dukane Corporation Exec: We’re Not Leaving

One of St. Charles largest employers is staying — the departing Dukane Seacom is a division it sold three years ago.

A Dukane Corporation executive on Friday issued a statement that the company is not leaving St. Charles, although the city will lose 31 jobs as the Dukane Seacom division it sold three years ago to a Florida-based firm is integrated into those operations.

Dukane Corporation, which employs well over 150 people between its Ultrasonics and Audio Visual Divisions, has no plans to move out of the area,” said Terry Goldman, the company’s vice president of administration.

Goldman said he has been receiving phone calls from suppliers who feared Dukane Corporation was moving or closing.

Dukane Corporation sold the Seacom Division three years ago,” Goldman explained by email on Friday. “We have been leasing the 31 employees in that division to Radiant Power since that time. In October 2012, Radiant announced their plans to consolidate the manufacturing to their Sarasota (Florida) plant by the end of 2013."

Goldman said the announcement, a year before Radiant Power’s intended completion of the integration, gives the Dukane Seacom division employees several choices over a year either to “find new employment, possibly transition to Sarasota, or remain with the division until the final move at the end of the year thus receiving a retaining bonus.”

Radiant Power Corp. posted a release about the integration move earlier this week. The Sarasota, Fla., Herald-Tribune posted a story that evening about the change, in which it reported that Radiant Power Corp. already is in the process of integrating another HEICO acquisition, Moritz Aerospace Inc. of Hatfield, Pa., into the Sarasota operation.

Radiant Power Corp. is owned by Miami-based HEICO, an aerospace firm.

Dukane Seacom is a leading world manufacturer of underwater acoustic beacons used in the aviation and marine industries. Dukane Seacom beacons are installed on commercial aircraft around the world, as well as on military aircraft. The beacons also have maritime and specialty underwater applications, Radiant Power Corp. said in its release.

Dukane Corporation manufactures and markets advanced technology products, according to its website, which also states that it is a privately held corporation for more than 80 years. Its divisions offer audio-visual equipment and ultrasonic plastic assembly systems.


  • Jan. 10, 2013: St. Charles To Lose Jobs With Dukane Move

Editor's note: Mr. Goldman initially was misidentified as Anderson in an earlier version of this story.

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eh_potthast January 12, 2013 at 12:23 AM
Sad for the loss of the jobs, but thank goodness the company is staying! St. Charles needs all the "real" jobs it can get. (You know: full time, with benefits) In the past 20 years living here, and having gone through 3 layoffs in 15 years, I have found that finding a job in the tricities area to be quite a dismal proposition.


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