Readers' Choice: For Tax Prep, It's Loberg, Miki & O'Brien!

With a nod to R. MacDonald & Associates, Morrison & Associates and many others.

We're in the final days of tax-prep season, and financial folks throughout the Tri-Cities are probably getting near the point of those accursed 18-hour days they have to put in to meet all their clients' April 15 deadlines.

Good luck to all, and congratulations to of Geneva, which came through as the No. 1 Readers' Choice for !

In second place is  of St. Charles! Well done!

And in third is the esteemed  of St. Charles! Morrison broke a tie with by having more comments.

We'll attach the prestigious "Readers' Choice Award Winner" tag to the Patch listings of the winners.



" are all-stars!! Extremely detail oriented and the patience of Saints! Two thumbs up from one of their longest and most appreciative clients!!"

"Morrison & Associates in St. Charles are great! Bill Morrison is a man of great integrity as well as financial insights. I highly recommend them & have been served by them nearly 20 years."

"My husband and I have been going to  in Batavia for years! We have always gotten top notch and prompt service."

"My husband and I highly recommend  in St. Charles. Excellent service and very knowledgeable and reasonable. Our family members have been using them for years."

"Try  at Third St. and Rt. 31. Mike has done our taxes for several years and has done a great job for us."

"R. MacDonald does a fantastic job for my corporate and personal taxes."


Next week:

Where's the best place in the Tri-Cities to buy sporting goods?

If you have a sporting goods business in Batavia, Geneva or St. Charles, make sure to and ask your friends and customers to vote for your business. They can vote in our readers' choice poll, but just as important is to review your business in our listings! The rules of the contest point scoring are attached and summarized here in our .


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