Readers' Choice: Where's the Best Place to Get Your Taxes Done?

Great tax preparation combines core competency, service and trust. Who do you think is the best at it in the Tri-Cities?

There's nothing sexy about tax preparation.

But this time of year, there are few topics closer to the heart or higher on the attention scale. With April 15 racing toward us faster than Dale Earnhardt Jr., it's time to make a quick decision on which tax team can take you to the finish line.

So, who's good? Who do you trust? Which company is going to give you the best return, the best service and the best price?

IMPORTANT NOTE: Did we miss any great tax-prep places? Let us know in the comments field below.

Here are some options. The rules of this race are below.


St. Charles


, 1860 W. Main St.

, 709 Stuarts Drive

, 546 S. Randall Road

, 11 S 2nd Ave.

, 2580 Foxfield Road

, 1121 E. Main St.

, 103 N 11th Ave.

Morisson & Associates, 440 S. Third St., Suite 202

, 1121 E. Main St.




, 1772 S Randall Road

, 1035 E State St.

, 1245 Executive Place

, 423 Williamsburg Ave.

, 327 S. First St.

, 113 E State St.

, LLP 514 W. State Street, Suite 202

, 610 S. Third St.




, 712 Maves Drive

, 19 N River St.

, 235 E Wilson St.

, 920 Towne Ave.

, 236 Webster St.

, 336 McKee St.

, 316 Lake St.

, 1046 Woodland Ave.


How to Vote


Step 1: Vote in the poll

You can vote once per day between now and noon Friday, April 6, in the poll below.

The business with the most votes will get 10 points, while the one with second-most will receive 8 points while the business with the third-most will earn 6 points.

Step 2: Leave a review

The business with the best rating will receive 10 points, while the second-best will get 8 points and the third place finisher will receive 6 points. Go to the business listing page for the business you like by using the links above or by visiting the Places page. Please remember that you have to leave your review before noon on Friday, April 6.

Step 3: Leave a comment

This step is helpful in case of a tie.

We'll tally up the total based on the votes and reviews and declare the Readers' Choice winner! Take a peek at the rules attached for a full explanation of how this contest works.

Now, it's up to you! Get your motor running for tax season and vote for your favorite tax-prep place!

Rick Nagel April 04, 2012 at 05:11 PM
I added R MacDonald & Associates to the story and poll. Please give them a vote!
Betty Collins April 04, 2012 at 07:01 PM
Try Mid-Valley Accounting at Third St. and Rt. 31. Mike has done our taxes for several years and has done a great job for us.
Rick Nagel April 04, 2012 at 09:10 PM
I added Mid Valley Accounting to the story and poll. Good luck in the voting!
Elaine Lane April 04, 2012 at 11:05 PM
Rick, I have to say I'm at a complete loss trying to figure out where you're coming from with your opening statement to this post: "There's nothing sexy about tax preparation." Did somebody say it was and you're disputing it? Are you trying to use "sex" to grab our attention? It just seems so off the wall and a very odd lead-in to a survey on favorite tax-prep places. Could you enlighten us with an explanation?
Justin Eggar April 05, 2012 at 12:22 AM
R MacDonald does a fantastic job for my corporate and personal taxes.


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