The Second Westford Market Basket is Open

It's been a source of discussion over the past few months, and now the discussion moves into a new phase as Market Basket's second location opened on Sunday.


It's official: Westford's second Market Basket is here.

The long awaited anchor store for the new Cornerstone Plaza saw a flurry of activity on Sunday, opening a store with a layout more comparable to its other newer stores in New England than its first location in town at Westford Valley Marketplace.

DeMoulas corporate operations manager David McLean said that far from closing the old store, Market Basket hopes to grow its brand by supplementing the new store with the old store, something it has done elsewhere.

"It's always more rewarding to grow with a town that has helped our business grow, something we've done in places like Bourne, New Bedford and Brockton, just to name a few," he said.

McLean also said he hopes the newer stores in the chain such as this one can help shed the perception that Market Basket is fixated solely on prices, which for many has been its hallmark for the past few decades, adding various higher-end items here not found in older stores.

"While many chains specialize, we aim to serve all customers, even though all of our stores are unique," he said, noting that the average Market Basket has more than 50,000 items. "But what we don't believe in is gimmicks. We don't believe in special prices for special circumstances or groups, we want to provide low prices for everyone."


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Proud Conservative March 17, 2013 at 03:33 PM
Any competing store can open just about anywhere they want to. The problem I see is that Market Basket's so called competitors don't offer much competition when their prices are at least 50% higher for identical items. The prices at greedy Hannaford, Trader Joe's, Shaw's and the like are insane and anyone buying at those prices is likewise insane.
Proud Conservative March 17, 2013 at 03:37 PM
Good - you continue to buy your $5.00/lb chicken and $3.00/dz eggs. The Whole Foods and Trader Joe's owners and managers love people like you who help them live large. And I thank you personally for helping to keep the parking lot and aisles a little less crowded at Market Basket.
Proud Conservative March 17, 2013 at 03:39 PM
Market Basket will not be closing the old store. They plan to keep both open just as they have successfully done in many other towns.
John March 18, 2013 at 11:00 PM
"I've shopped at Market Basket for 50 plus years. They are unbeatable! When I see identical items in Hannaford for twice the price I have to wonder what's wrong with the people that shop there. And for kickers, MB has Walmart beat by a mile." Decided to give MB a chance as I wanted deli meats from the counter up in Nashua recently. Well, all lines had 5 people waiting w/ about 10 on express and the deli counter was behind 25 numbers. Never I have seen Hannaford have that long of a backup; plus there's higher end options that are healthier at Hannaford (all natural turkey in store brand) for no more $$ than what MB charges for Sara Lee. Needless to say, I walked out empty handed and got served far faster at Hannaford despite it being relatively busy as well. MB pricing is relatively good, but if you're really shopping on price, you'll do 15% better at a wholesale club for halfway decent quality items at Sam's or Costco or at Trader Joe's for natural products (some stuff is almost double the price at MB vs TJs) with many products being regularly priced at MB's sale prices. And Hannaford or Trader Joe's are clearly better choices for quality.
John March 18, 2013 at 11:38 PM
Did my own comparison shopping: For crystallized ginger: MB: $3.99 for 10 ounce package Hannaford: $3.99/lb (available in bulk containers) Trader Joe's: $1.49 for 8 ounce package Barbara's Puffins: MB: $3.99 for 10 ounces box Hannaford; $4.29 for 10 ounce box Trader Joes: $3.99 for 18 ounce box Frozen Fruit bars: MB: $3.49 (Edy's) (even with a sale price of $2.50 some weeks, it can't still come close to TJ's price) Hannaford: $3.99 (Edy's) TJ's: $1.99 (TJ & it is only 1/2 ounce less per pack total than the Edy's brand) Decent frozen yogurt (that is minimally all natural): MB: $2.69/pint (Stonyfield) Hannaford $3.69/56 ounces (Blue Bunny) TJ's: $3.99/quart (and it tastes the best and is rather quite healthy) Decent peanut butter (cheapest peanut butter w/ only peanuts as the ingredient on back) MB: $3.69 Hannaford: $3.59 TJ's: $2.69 Farmed salmon: MB: $7.99 (w/ a sale of $6.99 lately) Hannaford $7.99 (w/ a sale of $5.99 lately) TJ's: $7.99 for a wild alaskan variety which is a different taste and experience; will admit this is not an apples to apples comparison against the former two Decent wine that is cheap (tough comparison but here it is): MB: $4.99 Hannaford: $3.99 TJ's: $3.49


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