World-Class Eater Devours Urban Grille's Behemouth Burger Challenge

Randy Santel goes into Geneva's Urban Grille on the day before Election Day and consumes 5 pounds of burger in 15 minutes.

Did you stuff yourself on Thanksgiving? Well, don't feel bad.

It's comforting to know that anything you might have considered as overindulgence pales before the exploits of one Randy Santel.

The St. Louis native recently completed his 122nd eating challenge at Geneva's very own Urban Grille and made short order of one very tall order—the heretofore challenging "Behemouth Burger."

Here's the story, as told by the Urban Grille's Jeanette Di Pasquantonio in a Nov. 6 e-mail to Geneva Patch:

Last night, a gentleman by the name of Randy Santel came into Urban Grille.  He was in town from St. Louis for a job interview in the city. As it turns out, Randy is the proprietor of Atlas & Zeus Promotions, LLC. I received a text from one of my servers telling me this man had arrived and he ordered the 4-pound Behemouth (which is 5 pounds total with toppings and buns.)

He proceeded to set up a small video camera and tape his monstrous challenge in front of him. This challenge is new for Urban Grille, and Randy is the first to eat the whole burger. We allow one hour for this challenge, but Randy ate it in just of 15 minutes! It was amazing to watch. He even had a cold.

He has a story behind his challenges. Urban Grille was his 122nd challenge. He found us on a website called eatfeats.com

Patch couldn't find Randy's YouTube video from the Urban Grille, but we've managed to locate his latest video of a similar challenge at Red Dog Saloon in England.


Elaine Lane November 23, 2012 at 08:45 PM


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