Family Hopes for Return of Video Memories Lost at Fest

The Bosco family of Woodridge lost their Sony Camcorder during the Sunday of Scarecrow Fest. The memory card is what they want back most.

It’s said a picture is worth a thousand words, and they’re a treasure in terms of memories, too. That is why a Woodridge family so badly wants to get back at least the memory card from the camcorder they lost last weekend during Scarecrow Fest on Sunday, Oct. 7, in downtown St. Charles.

The memory card, Joe Bosco explains in an email to St. Charles Patch, is far more important to he and his wife as it contains videos — their memories — of a trip to Disney World with their two small children just two or three weeks before the fest. He said they never backed up the memory card on another device, so all those videos remain on the Sony Camcorder.

“The memory card is the most important thing,” Bosco said Sunday night. It “is very important to us for the memories of our children. We are willing to take the memory card out of the camcorder and give the camcorder back to who ever turns it in.”

The last place the family knows they had the camcorder in their possession was at the Make Your Own Scarecrow booth. Joe explains that his wife snapped a photo of him while they were there, and he clearly had the camcorder with him in the photo.

Before leaving the fest, he said, they had dinner at .

“I could have lost it after she took the photo while we were making scarecrows … or between there and Zaza’s,” he said, adding he already has checked with the establishment, which had not located a camcorder.

Bosco plans to check with the Greater St. Charles Visitors and Convention Bureau on Monday to see whether anyone turned the camcorder in. In the meantime, he is asking St. Charles Patch readers for their help.

If anyone found a Sony Camcorder during Scarecrow Fest, they can contact Joe Bosco either by calling him at home at 1-630-522-0894, by cellphone at 1-630-361-3984, or by email at joebos3@gmail.com.


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