Letter to the Editor: Vote for Candidates Who Respect Women’s Rights

Kane County Board candidate Nadia Blanc Daley spells out why residents should vote for her.

Dear Editor,

Women make up 52% of our population, but only 17% of congressional members are women as mentioned at the “Women in Government” event at the Arcada Theater in St. Charles. This is also reflected in local and state government. As the woman candidate for Kane County Commissioner for the 14th District, I urge everyone to vote for men and women candidates in all races who respect and support women’s rights.

Women as mothers, daughters and wives realize the importance of protecting Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid and Veterans’ health care. Protecting seniors, the disabled, the mentally ill and the poor is the right thing to do in a civil society. In addition, we must deny the vote to those who would pass laws that will take away women’s health care rights turning back the clock to the 1850s, when women had no rights whatsoever.

As a candidate for the Kane County Board, I believe that our support of green manufacturing union jobs will help in reducing the County’s unemployment rate of 7.3% (BLS). More jobs and more income in the county would mean less reliance on property taxes as the dominant source of revenue.

Two looming issues in the county, if unchecked or poorly managed, have the potential to require enormous expenditures that will result in property tax increases.

1. A proposed upgrade to the county’s court computer system has an approximate cost or 12.6 million dollars. By adopting the model used elsewhere, like DuPage County, we may be able to do it for significantly less.

2. In the Settler’s Hill Landfill recreation project, Waste Management identified serious potential health risks. Residents of Kane County attended a recent public hearing and asked the committee to conduct an environmental study identifying the health risks and estimating the remediation costs before committing more funds to the future development of Settler’s Hill. Residents also offered concerns on the Board’s plan to attach Fabyan Woods to the Settler’s Hill project. The committee ignored the pleas of the residents and voted to pay a consultant $39K of tax payer money to research the building cost of such a project. The wanton disregard of the residents’ (voters) concerns for the potential risks and costs of the development of the Settler’s Hill project is a slap in the face to the tax payers of Kane County.

Educated, well informed voters realize management of the environment is of great concern. I will be your voice on the Kane County Board in making decisions that will protect the environment by promoting and developing manufacturing union jobs that pay living wages.

I will support the creation of opportunities in Kane County that will be industry responsible for jobs of the future in the green industry. Making solar panels and windmills here in Kane County and exporting them to other countries will create jobs and a huge revenue boost to the county.

I will encourage tax incentives for installing solar panels on our public buildings, businesses and homes to reduce the amount of carbon gases released into the air and reduce the cost of electricity. We know that too many jobs have been sent to overseas by companies for low wage labor working in miserable conditions, and we reject the argument that in order to compete and protect profits, we must treat our working people the same here. This is un-American and not in the best interest to Kane County.

Please vote for me on November 6.

Nadia Blanc Daley

Candidate for Kane County Board, District 14

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