Drivers Injured In 3-Car Crash at Kirk and Chillem Saturday Night

Two drivers had to be extricated from their vehicles. Here's some pictures of the vehicles after the crash and more info.

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Three drivers were hurt after a three-car crash Saturday night on Batavia’s far east side.

The incident occurred at Kirk Road and Chillem Drive, according to residents. It appeared to involve one rear-end collision, one head-on collision and a brief vehicle fire.

The crashes happened at 10:15 p.m. Saturday, said Tanya Arriaga, a 24-year-old resident who lives next to the crash site.

“I called 911 and … it happened so fast and everything was going on at once,” Arriaga said.

The and responded to the crash. One male and one female driver had to be extracted from their vehicles.

The male driver was trapped by part of his small black car that was pushed against him from the crash impact, Arriaga said. The female driver had to be extracted from a white Nicor utility vehicle.

The third driver, also a female, was not trapped. Information on the drivers and their conditions was not immediately available early Sunday morning.

Arriaga and her family learned that there were actual two collisions:

  • In the first collision, a black car rear-ended a red car that was northbound on Kirk waiting to turn left onto Chillem.
  • In the second collision a Nicor utility vehicle heading south on Kirk struck the black car. This collision occurred because the black car ended up partially in the southbound lanes after the first collision. The man possibly had its wheels turned prior to the first collision, Arriaga said.

Traffic was rerouted off Kirk Road between Pine Street and Giese Road for about two hours as emergency crews rescued the victims and cleaned up the scene.

This is the third crash on Kirk Road between Pine and Wind Energy Pass over the past 13 months that required a significant emergency response, according to Batavia Patch archives. There was also a crash at Kirk and Fabyan on Friday morning that .

“We need an extra lane to turn because this is very dangerous,” Arriaga said.

Neighbor Describes The Crash Scene

 Tanya Arriaga was on the phone with a friend when she heard brakes screech and then a crash.

“Right when the impact happened, I told him ‘I gotta go’ and called 911,” she said. Her friend later told her that he could hear one of the crashes over the phone.

When she looked outside she saw three cars sprawled across the roadway.

The white Nicor vehicle, which was traveling southbound on Kirk Road, was now in the prairie grass east of the road and the northbound lanes.

The small black car, which had been facing north on Kirk, was now almost completely turned around facing south. The maroon car was stranded near Kirk and Giese.

Fire and Extractions

After the crash, Arriaga saw smoke coming out of the Nicor vehicle while the driver was still trapped inside.

The female driver yelled to bystanders that there was a fire extinguisher in the back of the vehicle. They grabbed it and the fire was put out, according to Arriaga.

As shown in the photos, the door of the utility vehicle was completely removed to rescue the female driver.

Arriaga said the other driver who had to be extracted was conscious and speaking to Arriaga’s father while crews worked to free him.

Batavia Patch will update this story if more information becomes available.

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Lois Lane April 29, 2012 at 02:32 PM
If it isn't Kirk & Fabyan (all the time!), it's Kirk & Pine or Kirk & Geise or Kirk and Wilson or in this case Kirk and Chillem. I would love to know just how many accidents have occurred on Kirk since it was widened to 4 lanes back, in the 70's wasn't it?


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