Fox Fire District Aims to ‘Keep the Wreath Red’

SOURCE: Fox River & Countryside Fire/Rescue District

During this 2013 holiday season, the Fox River Fire/Rescue District is again joining the tradition in the “Keep the Wreath Red” program. Chief Paul Boecker, from the Lisle-Woodridge Fire Protection District, started the safety awareness program back 1954 in hopes the citizen’s he helped protect would be reminded of fire safety even during the holidays.

Beginning in early December until January 2, 2014, a Christmas wreath has been placed outside of our two fire stations. Red lights are placed on the wreath at the beginning of the program. A white bulb replaces a red bulb if a fire incident occurs due to holiday décor decorations. Our goal is to keep the wreath red throughout the holiday season signifying that no fires We ask all our resident’s to please be cautious and smart about the use of holiday decorations you put up. The use of candles and overloaded electrical circuits are major contributors to fires each season. The mind set of ‘it can’t happen to me” is a great way to become complacent. The District can be contacted at 630-584-3473 or admin@frcfr.org with any fire safety

We wish all of you a happy and safe holiday. Help us “Keep the Wreath Red” this 2013 holiday season.

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