Teen Charged With Putting Hidden Camera in Neighbors' Bedroom

A 16-year-old unlawfully places a camera in his neighbors' bedroom while babysitting their kids, North Aurora police said. Here's more info.

A teen faces charges in connection to a hidden camera found in his neighbors' bedroom, North Aurora police announced Wednesday.

The teen is 16 years old, male and lives in the 1100 block of Oak Crest Drive in North Aurora, according to police. The Kane County State’s Attorney’s Office authorized the following charges against the juvenile suspect:

  • One count of unauthorized video recording
  • One count of disorderly conduct 

The charges are Class A misdemeanors. The suspect is being prosecuted as a juvenile, so his name will not be released, a North Aurora police statement said.

Police presented their case to the State's Attorney's Office after they completed their investigation into the incident, which was first reported on Nov. 17, 2012. At about 2:10 p.m. that day, officers were dispatched to the 700 block of Oak Crest Drive for a report of homeowners finding surveillance equipment in their house. 

"While cleaning a bedroom, the homeowners found a small video camera underneath some furniture," the statement said. "Further research revealed the camera was a wireless transmitter camera with a maximum range of 300 ft."

Investigators determined the homeowners’ 16-year-old male neighbor unlawfully placed the camera in a bedroom of their home while he was babysitting their kids. Police obtained and executed a search warrant at the suspect’s home and seized computers, cables and storage devices.

"Police personnel have determined the camera would not transmit out of the room it was placed in, so we do not believe that the suspect was ever able to view images from the camera," the statement said.

In addition, a forensic computer examiner from the Kane County Sheriff’s Office searched all of the storage devices seized from the suspect’s home and was unable to locate any image from the hidden camera while it was in the homeowners’ bedroom.

The teenage suspect surrendered to the North Aurora Police Department on Feb. 8. He was processed per standard procedures and released, police said.

The police investigation into this incident is now closed, but the case has just entered the juvenile court system. An update on the status of this case was not immediately available Wednesday.

Jeff Wingert February 16, 2013 at 06:43 PM
Well that's gonna create some tension at the next Block Party!


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