St. Charles Businesses Cited for Liquor Law Violations

Alley 65. File Photo
Alley 65. File Photo
The city recently cited two St. Charles business for liquor law violations. 

The St. Charles Liquor Control Commission during its June 16 meeting ordered local liquor ordinances for the following businesses: 
  • Alley 64 in St. Charles was cited on March 4 for remaining open for business and permitting individuals to remain within its premises during hours in which the sale of alcoholic liquor is prohibited. The license holder was fined $1,000 and $1,222 in court costs and legal fees after a series of continuances and a June hearing. Their liquor license also will be temporarily suspended from 12:01-2 a.m. on July 12, 2014. 
  • House of Tokyo was cited for failing to pay the alcohol license fee by May 1, 2014; for failing to pay the alcohol tax; and filing alcohol taxes late on three occasions. The license holder was fined $1,200 and $500 in legal fees for failing to pay the license fee on time and is required to pay by June 24 or face an indefinite suspension of liquor license. In addition, they were fined $150 for delinquent alcohol sales tax submittals and $500 in legal fees. 


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