St. Charles Police: Wild Monk Not Faulted in March 2 Incident

Geneva man tried to start fight while attempting to enter the bar, then left after he was told to by an officer, St. Charles police say.

A St. Charles bar that was the site of the first of two fights that led to the arrest of two Geneva men and a potential citation against a second bar called police for help before the fight broke out as the individual attempted to enter the bar, St. Charles police said Monday.

Some bar owners had questioned why The Wild Monk, 51 S. 1st St., was not cited after the incident at 12:57 a.m. on March 2, when Kevin C. Hayes, 28, of the 00-99 block of Brookfield Lane, Geneva, was told to leave after the bar said he had started fighting there.

Hayes was not charged in that incident, although he and his brother, Michael P. Hayes, also 28 and of the same address as his brother, were charged in a second incident less than 30 minutes later at , which now faces potential scrutiny by the St. Charles Liquor Commission.

Among the questions raised about the incident at The Wild Monk were why had the establishment not been cited either for over-serving Kevin Hayes, or for harboring him by allowing him to remain when he was, according to police, highly intoxicated. Some also questioned why Hayes was not cited in that incident.

But St. Charles police spokesman Paul McCurtain said in an email on Monday that Kevin Hayes was instructed to leave The Wild Monk before he had tried to enter the bar.

“The report indicates that officers responded to a call for assistance at The Wild Monk Bar called in by the employees regarding an intoxicated subject who was trying to fight with people by the front door,” McCurtain wrote. “There was no indication that he was inside of the business, or that the Wild Monk was harboring the intoxicated subject. They called police for help.”

When officers arrived, McCurtain said, they told Hayes to leave the area, which he did.

McCurtain said officers do have some discretion when they take a call for service, meaning that someone involved in an incident but who cooperates with police may not be cited.

That might answer another question raised about an incident at another establishment in town, in which police were called Feb. 3, 2013, to , on a report of an intoxicated subject.

McCurtain did not have details of that particular incident when he responded to questions from St. Charles Patch, but his comment on officer discretion seems to apply. When officers arrived, they encountered an intoxicated 53-year-old Wayne man who, according to the report, cooperated with officers, paying his dinner bill as requested and then, at the officer’s suggestion, calling a cab for a ride home instead of trying to drive himself.

The March 2 incident at The Wild Monk ended with Kevin Hayes obeying police, but he and his brother had a run-in with officers less than 30 minutes later at The Filling Station, where the brothers were kicked out by bouncers and subsequently arrested by police.

Kevin C. Hayes is charged with disorderly conduct, and with resisting/obstructing arrest. He also was cited with disorderly conduct-public drunkenness and fighting.

Michael P. Hayes is charged with battery, and with resisting/obstructing arrest. He also was cited with disorderly conduct-public drunkenness and fighting.

Police filed two reports on the incident — the first dealing with the arrest of the Hayes brothers. The second report focused on The Filling Station allowing Kevin Hayes to enter, even though police described him as highly intoxicated, and an incident two hours earlier in which a police officer watched another individual who was obviously intoxicated enter the tavern.

McCurtain said the incidents involving the Hayes brothers, along with others, will be discussed at the St. Charles City Council Government Services Committee meeting, which meets Monday, March 18.


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