Final List of Candidates Set for St. Charles City Election

2013 Consolidated Election is April 9.

City officials on Monday announced the list of candidates has been finalized for the April 9, 2013, Consolidated Election.

The list is in the order candidates will appear on the April ballot, and includes:


Jotham S.Stein, 1333 S. 5th St.
John E. Rabchuk, 914 Ash St.
Alderman Raymond P. Rogina, 1003 Crestwood Circle.
Jake W. Wyatt, 1022 Stonehedge Road.


Warren J. Drewes, 1336 Geneva Road.


Ward 1

Ronald Silkaitis, 1608 Larson Ave.
Alderman Jon E. Monken, 1930 Division St.
Justin D. Osborne, 1013 Banbury Court.

Ward 2

Arthur J. Lemke, 3214 Blackhawk Trail.
Alderman Clifford X. Carrignan, 1925 Forest Ridge Road.

Ward 3

Mario J. VanDerHeyden, 115 N. 7th St.
Alderman William J. Turner, 3132 Raphael Court.

Ward 4

Jo K. Krieger, 515 Jackson Ave.

Ward 5

Maureen Lewis, 1321 Ash St.
Kimberly A. Malay, 526 S 16th St.

SOURCE: City of St. Charles


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