Lauzen Among Legislators Forming 'Common Sense Caucus'

An April 23 press release by state Sen. Chris Lauzen announces formation of a political caucus aimed at fiscal-management and ethics reform.

State Sen. Chris Lauzen (R-Aurora) sent a press release Monday announcing the formation of a new political group called the Common Sense Caucus.

Lauzen is among a group of lawmakers who are "uniting our efforts to promote a limited, fiscally-responsible and ethically-reformed state government,” said Lauzen.

Lauzen, who is retiring from state government and running as the Republican nominee for the Kane County Board chairman position, said the management of state government’s finances over the past 10 years has been fiscally reprehensible.

“We will band together and persuade other senators to join us in opposing bills that aren’t properly funded.  We will say ‘no’ to spending beyond our means,” Lauzen said. “Our caucus will oppose irresponsible borrowing and fight to repeal the 67 percent tax increase imposed on Illinois families by the very politicians who ran up billions of dollars in overdue bills and budget deficit.”

Lauzen said other policy principles of the Common Sense Caucus include banning "corporate welfare," reforming the public pension systems, state’s ethics laws and adopting term limits.

He added that the group will promote government accountability and transparency.

“A government which has the eyes of the people upon it will always behave better,” said Lauzen. “Clearly, the immediate past indicates that the public would be better served by more intense scrutiny.”

Lauzen said the core group of senators which make up the Common Sense Caucus will be looking for other senators to join them in the quest for responsible and accountable state government.

“We believe there is hope for Illinois and because of that belief, we are going to fight for these issues—for what’s right and to restore respect, responsibility and accountability,” Lauzen said.

The Common Sense Caucus will be co-chaired by state Sens. Kyle McCarter (R-51st District) and Dan Duffy (R-26thDistrict). Other members include Sam McCann (R-49th District), Darin LaHood (R-37th District) and Lauzen (R-25thDistrict).

“The Common Sense Caucus is about results and accountability,” Lauzen said. “We have established core principles that will help guide our legislative decisions.”

Here are the caucus' precepts, as expressed in the Lauzen press release: 


The Common Sense Caucus is dedicated to promoting a limited, fiscally-responsible, ethically-reformed state government.

CSC members must have the courage to:

Stop spending—State government must stop spending beyond its means.

Stop borrowing—The state government must stop "cooking the books."  Illinois borrows billions annually to continue the status quo and has the nerve to claim we have a "balanced budget".  We must actually balance the budget per our Illinois Constitution.

Repeal the Quinn/Madigan/Cullerton 67 percent tax increase—We must “open Illinois for business” and create a business friendly environment.

Ban all types of corporate welfare—End special tax deals to the selected few, politically-connected companies.

Reform pensions—Modify government employee benefits to match private sector benefits.  The goal is fiscal responsibility.

Reform ethics laws—Implement real political ethic reforms, which will help change the “culture of corruption” in Illinois.

Adopt term limits—Set term limits for all levels of state government, including legislative leaders.

Demand transparency and accountability 

Repair our reputation in the nation—We will evaluate every single piece of legislation based on these principles.  We will support legislation that concurs with these main principles—and oppose legislation that does not.

No outside lobbyists, groups, or money will influence our votes. We will consider future members for the CSC by reviewing their voting record and history (borrowing bills, tax and fee increase bills, Sears/CME type bills, transparency bills, budget bills). We will have all Common Sense Caucus members voting records on these issues available to be publicly viewed. Every member will be held accountable for their votes.

For more detailed information on the key principles of the Common Sense Caucus please visit www.lauzen.senategop.orgor call (630) 264-2334.


SOURCE: Chris Lauzen press release.

G.Ryan April 23, 2012 at 05:10 PM
Amen, Mr.Lauzen..please say goodbye to the Gangster Government....And we have one regionally here in Geneva...it is called the Geneva School District with their buddy system called the School Board who is approximately 325 MILLION in DEBT with their spending ADDICTION...they won't stop. They "market" themselves with "IT is ALL about the CHILDREN." When it is children acting like children when it comes to spending. Now they want to stick this DEBT to us taxpayers! It is criminal! When your monthly property tax bill EXCEEDS your monthly mortgage payment!!! Geneva has a reputation and has a HUGE property tax liability! Way to go Geneva..time to win this AWARD...the one AWARD you haven't declared for yourself!
Steve Mosias April 23, 2012 at 06:10 PM
Mr. Lauzen...........about time! You have my vote going forward.
Kevin ONeil April 24, 2012 at 01:03 AM
Common sense yields common results. "Bottom line" briefs that overlook the math (67%! Holy marginalization!) and the fine print are the common approach for politicians to push an agenda forward: "Makes sense to me!" is the common reaction. God (or the devil, depends upon which you worship) is in the details, so let's have 'em! And is it too much to ask for some Uncommon Sense?
Darren April 24, 2012 at 02:55 AM
Those who profit from the longstanding culture of corruption in IL will surely scream bloody murder at all this talk about pension reform and ethics. Go Chris - with the gratitude of the disgusted people of Illinois!
Michael Linder April 24, 2012 at 11:38 AM
There is no common sense in repealing a tax when the state is nearly a year behind in paying its bills. Mr. Lauren sat in Springfield, in a "safe" Repiblican seat for years, and participated while the legislature squandered the money that should have gone into pensions and spent and overspent. Now he wants a new elected post in Kane County, and no doubt will be supported in that race by the same corporate interests that have kept him in Springfield. Common sense to me says, "Anybody but Chris."


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