Batavia's Penny-a-Gallon Gas Tax Starts In February

The gas tax, as well as a tax levy increase for next year, dip a little further into residents' pockets. Here's more details.

It may only be 1 cent per gallon, but the Retail Motor Fuel Tax that kicks in on Feb. 1 is expected to bring in $80,000 for Batavia next year. 

won't see any of that money until March 20, 2013 when the tax will be due. The money will go toward the construction and maintenance of streets and parking facilities. Batavia is a home rule community and can make taxing decisions without going to the voters. 

The Batavia City Council also approved a $6.7 million tax levy for taxes to be collected next year. A Kane County Chronicle article explains the owner of a $322,00 home will pay about $645 in total city taxes, up from last year's tax bill of $602. 

You can read more on the council's decisions in this Beacon News article.

Jimmy December 28, 2011 at 10:01 PM
When we moved to Batavia in 2003, our property taxes were $7100. Only eight years later, our property taxes are now $10700 - a more than 50% increase. Yet, the value of our house has slightly decreased over those eight years. Not only will I and my wife NOT purchase gasoline in Batavia, but as soon as the housing market improves enough to sell our home at a relatively reasonable price ($30K+ more than our original purchase price), we'll be relocating to a much-lower taxed "RED" state in the south or southeast. A huge number of our neighbors' are barely making ends meet, unemployed, underemployed, have under-water mortgages, or are defaulting/foreclosing on their mortgages. Yet, inexplicably and outrageously, Kane county and Batavia have barely lowered their operating and labor costs and continuously search for additional tax revenue (new fees, increased fees, new taxes, increased taxes & tax rate hikes).


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