Rabchuk Endorses St. Charles Draft 2013 Comprehensive Plan

Mayoral candidate calls plan a responsible growth approach for St. Charles.

St. Charles mayoral candidate John Rabchuk announced Friday he is formally endorsing the responsible growth strategy for St. Charles that is outlined in the draft 2013 Comprehensive Plan.

“Having served as vice chairman for the St. Charles Comprehensive Plan Task Force for almost two years, I know firsthand the effort that has been extended by the entire task force team to identify opportunities for St. Charles to continue to grow in a responsible manner,” Rabchuk said in a release. “Just as with any business, a city must grow or it will slowly stagnate and lose ground to neighboring communities.”

“A few vocal residents of our city believe that there is an unending line of developers eager to make proposals to St. Charles,” he continued. “This is not only wrong, but it is potentially very dangerous to the long-term health of our community. Developers will, and are, taking their investment funds elsewhere as it has become increasingly more costly to attempt to do business in St. Charles.”

But Rabchuk, who is running for mayor in the April 2013 election, was clear that he does not favor unfettered development.

“That is not to say that all proposed developments should be approved, nor that every development represents a responsible plan for the future of St. Charles,” he said. “To be successful, developments need to take a balanced approach that recognizes that a responsible growth plan for the city will include retail, commercial, industrial and potentially all forms of residential development within our community; as well as to account for the manner in which those developments blend into their surroundings.

“The draft 2013 Comprehensive Plan presents a roadmap for a responsible 10-year growth plan for the city of St. Charles,” he said in the release. “It is not an action plan calling for specific developments or even specific land uses, but rather it should be viewed as a vision statement for responsible growth that will serve as a reference guideline as specific proposals are made and evaluated.

“I would encourage all residents to read the plan documents which are available on the city’s website,” he continued. “It is doubtful that anyone will agree with every single aspect of the plan, but I believe that the task force has done an excellent job of considering the multitude of options and comments considered during this lengthy process.”


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Henry James November 17, 2012 at 02:07 AM
Well Mr. Radchuck I am glad to see what you think of public feedback early in this election process. To write off the feed back that has been given by residents who are concerned for our community and never once said they felt there was a line waiting to come in to develope is shameful for someone who wants to represent this Community which by the way means representing the people. To start with the reason the cost of developing here has increased if that is the truly the case is because our Mayor and Administration has been promising the world to these developers without talking to the Council about it, so once it gets to the Council they have a differnent opinion because they realize these projects are not right for our community, they have not nor have the residents said.don't develop the property, just develop it appropriately and responsibly.Based on these quotes we could be looking at another 4 years of the same old same old if the people aren't careful. I guess I know who I won't be voting for.
Henry James November 17, 2012 at 02:27 AM
I also would like to note that although there needs to be balance you need to look at what is existing, what is already approved and remember we have a downtown that we should never be competing against like the Shodeen proposal was on the old St. Charles Mall property. That is where the mixed use concept is not such a good thing for St. Charles. When you are trying to create these high density mixed use sites you compete against Downtown and First Street. To add to this, the City has spent the last 5 years pushing 3 residential projects and not aggresively working on any commerical projects. Again that is not balance. We need to remember what has already been approved but may not be built yet (mainly because there is no market for residential). Actually this concerns me in a big way because I have attended a few of the meetings and I have noticed that when talking about the west side it is usually more discussion about the old mall property on its own, there is never a discussion about the entire area and how all the properties work together and impact each other. There is never the discussion about what the entire package looks like. To look at it as a whole what it shows is if you took the old mall property and included residential once again it is overwhelmingly leaning residential. There is no balance.As said in the past the developers knew the zoning when they bought it, yes you can try to work with them but not completely cave to the detriment of community
Elizabeth R November 17, 2012 at 02:38 AM
Most of the plan is well done but I keep hearing comittee members trying to blame the huge lack of any good commercial development over the past years on the number of roof tops orbut lack thereof of. This argument is not only inaccurate it is baseless when all you have to do is take a drive up or down Randall road to our neighbors who have less roof tops but seem to have all the best commercial. The other part of this argument is we are the Tri-Cities and will draw shoppers from a larger radius which creates a potential market well over 100,000 people. The problem is we have failed to try to bring the development to St. Charles.
josephine s. November 17, 2012 at 02:39 AM
Oh my word, really, Mr Rabchuk? Thanks for the introduction. I did not know you , to recognize you or know your positions on the issues until seeing you appearing at various city meetings over the scant few months. Using your seat on the Comprehensive Plan Task force for political mileage in the press gives the residents a sneak peek at how you will operate as mayor. More of the same. Your condescending attitude at the Task Force meetings is mildly tolerable- you have a base of knowledge, that is clear. You're a committee member. OK, you are "Vice Chair". But, Mayor? No way, Mr Rabchuk, no way. We need a Mayor who will listen to every voice, not just his own.
Pete Richards November 17, 2012 at 02:42 AM
I am certain that the Task Force has put in much effort over the course of a year. The one who really seems to have done his homework is the Chairman, Mark Armstrong. But I feel that it is too early to endorse the Comprehensive Plan draft before the Task Force receives public input from the Open House on November 28th and again at the regular meeting on December 12th. If Mr. Rabchuk is going to be endorsing unfinished plans, then I will have to reexamine the other candidates for Mayor because he is not getting my endorsement.
Steve Swanson November 17, 2012 at 02:56 AM
Any candidate for Mayor who is so blatantly is going to denigrate public comment and public involvement and assume a position that reeks of "I know better than anyone else in the community," SHOULD NEVER BE MAYOR!!! The citizens have repeatedly stated that they do not want to see St. Charles become another Naperville yet we keep getting elected officials and wanna be elected officials that do not want to represent the public because they have no respect for the public. We, the citizens, thank you Mr. Rabchuk for letting us see how little you think of us.
josephine s. November 17, 2012 at 03:04 AM
Yes, Henry-excellent insight-they do talk about that 26 acres-not the neighborhood, nor the potential of that "gateway", and the revenues (and local jobs) that chasing that retail/commercial business can bring to our city. Keep the zoning of our last bits of commercial land in St Charles commercial. Mixed -use need not have a residential component, and we do not need "all forms of residential. " but nice try.Reread your copy of the Priorities Survey, and take a spin around town, We have plenty of vacant rooftops. More and more turning into rentals. You say, "just like a business a city must grow or it will lose ground to neighboring communities"....um....comparing a city to a business is exactly what we don't need-running it with sound business practises, absolutely.Things must change in St Charles, and change can come in the 2013 elections. But, a city lives and breathes with greater complexity, broader service and mission than can any business. This idea you have, of a city as a business, foreshadows your catering to any developer that comes to town. TIF, economic incentive or overlay district-reday to give it away, right?
josephine s. November 17, 2012 at 03:07 AM
Agree- Mark Armstrong has been doing his due dilligence, and adding levity to the proceedings that has been enjoyable. He is "all in", and i do appreciate that attitude.
josephine s. November 17, 2012 at 03:42 AM
Oh, and by the way, Mr Vice Chairman Rabchuk-Your Comprehensive Plan is a 20 year document. An excerpt: "The Vision Statement identifies how the City has changed in the 15 years (2028) since the updated Comprehensive Plan was adopted in 2013." The current Plan was adopted in 1990. Updates in '96 and '07. Might want to look at those. Take a look at this wording on PP 12 of the 127-pp document: "The Plan is comprehensive in every sense of the word: every parcel of the City’s planning area is evaluated; the timeframe is of a length that allows for implementation and tracking; and the types of analyses and subject areas address every aspect of livability."..................... Not yet you have'nt! Be aware of this, St Charles!
Elizabeth R November 18, 2012 at 05:23 PM
I do find it disrespectful and telling in Mr. Rabchuck's comment towards certain resident views and opinions. If those are the people who care enough to come out and give their ideas and comments when invited by his task force and he has the gall to then make negative comments about that, I hope this isn't the type of man voters would ever consider for Mayor. It sounds like a mirror image of what we have now leading the City, someone who cares about developers and deals rather than residents and impacts on neighborhoods..


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