St. Charles Council Ratifies 3 Appointments

Former Alderman Cliff Carrigon and Dianne E. Kellett will sit on the St. Charles Board of Fire and Police Commission, and Stephen Gibson will join the Historic Preservation Commission.

The St. Charles City Council this week voted unanimously to ratify Mayor Raymond Rogina’s appointments of three individuals to two city boards.

Before approving the appointments, however, the council approved an ordinance to allow the addition of two new members to the St. Charles Board of Fire and Police Commission. Rogina explained to the council that the panel’s membership was downsized in the past at a time when the commissioners were having difficulty getting a full quorum of the board to attend meetings.

The ordinance increases the size of the board to five commissioners.

The council then ratified the appointments of former Ward 2 Alderman Cliff Clifford X. Carrignan and Dianne E. Kellett to the St. Charles Board of Fire and Police Commission.

The council also ratified Rogina’s appointment of Stephen Gibson to the St. Charles Historic Preservation Commission. Gibson had been recommended to the mayor by 5th Ward Alderman Ed Bessner, Rogina said.

From the editor: The story originally reported that the ordinance adopted by the council increased the membership of the St. Charles Board of Fire and Police Commission to seven members when in fact the ordinance increased the commission membership to five.

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