St. Charles Red Gate Bridge Project Could Soon Go Out for Bids (REPORTS)

Funding is coming largely from promised grants, according to one source.

St. Charles’ Red Gate Bridge project inched forward Monday night.

The Government Services committee unanimously approved a request from staff to go out for bids on the project, according to anarticle in the Kane County Chronicle. A vote by the city council is expected in June.

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A presentation showed to the committee before the vote presented a price tag of $30 million for the proposed bridge across the Fox River, according article in the Daily Herald.

Staff told the committee that almost half the project will be paid for by grant money but that remains only promised at this time, the May 23 Daily Herald story continues.

The bridge could be completed by Thanksgiving next year, according to a TribLocal article from May 24.

Gerhard Pilz May 25, 2011 at 05:26 PM
If you look at all the Tax money we pay to our County leaders, we are not thinking where our tax money goes each year. There is no money left every year, they spend it all. Now we face a chance to have another bridge over the river at Red Gate and it should be build. I think the money for that project should be taken out of our tax money and no one shoud be taking a pay raise or go into retirement before he/she is65 years old. Gerhard Pilz
Bad Idea May 25, 2011 at 05:34 PM
The bridge is a great idea, BUT. Didnt the Mayor just go to Springfield in fear that state funding would be cut off to Saint Charles. Why dont we prepare for the worst insted of putting ourselves in the position of cutting off vital services to the city. We need to save the seven percent extra tax dollars we all are being overcharged in our tax bill for this bridge. This money needs to be saved to prepare for possible cutting of these funds. Not to mention the new bridge just up the street. Im sure all those people next to RedGate road wont mind the 1000 percent increase in traffic any. Or the people in Rate Gate Ridge being redistricted to Anderson School. Sounds good to me, how about you?
Marie Hanson May 25, 2011 at 05:52 PM
Gerhard, Great comment. It seems as if the municipalities in the county are very mindful of budgetary constraints. Workers (both private and union) are making sacrifices in acknowledgment of limited resources. That is not quite the case at the county. In the past several years (while proclaiming to be in a belt tightening budget mode) county leadership gave numerous raises which enabled some department heads to "retire" well before 65 years old. Those increases will cost Kane taxpayers millions of dollars. We need bridges to travel to our families and our workplace. As a commuter it is frustrating to experience the congestion and delays we encounter attempting to get over the existing bridges. The Fox Valley is a wonderful place to call home. We need to be mindful of financial resources but acknowledge that we need to meet our transportation demands.
Nolan Day May 29, 2011 at 02:43 PM
Hey if the country can fund wars on a credit card and bail out businesses and banks why not a city being able to fund a $30 million bridge in a time of declining tax revenue and a dire economy. Then perhaps we can bail out some downtown businesses that are failing when less traffic goes by their establishment! The bridge is only needed by about 500 households that live in the northern area of St Charles. Even some of those enlightened people understand that the safety of Red Gate Rd near the high school will be worsened and to spend money on a bridge when other expenditures of our tax money rate higher is not wise. Mayor Don DeWitte however would get to his east side business from his west side home faster so perhaps he should remove himself from office or pay the $30 million himself. Nolan Day
Vanessa Bell-LaSota December 05, 2011 at 01:20 AM
Gerhard, the county grant is about $350,000, to be used for Phase 3, and the Kane/Kendall Council of Mayors gave 2.85M for Phase 3. State grant $$ is abouit 8-9M.This is a 30M project & Phase 1 is 286,000 over budget; a shortage of 17-18M; w/7M in our municipal fund-not county $-we'll need a min. 11M bond issue-IF the budget truly comes in @ 30M .The municipal fund won't just disappear, or go into someone's pocket, Gerhard. We need to think beyond original reasons for this local 2-lane bridge-much has changed-growth, development trends-since the project passed thru the hands of 3 mayors. Bridges are good, w/qualifiers. Good when they build options for a community w/out imposing expenses on an adjacent community, or choking out business downtown.Good when they connect to some destination-this one deadends on Rte 25. Good when they don't threaten safety- children @ busstops on Rte 25, in the subdivsions, sure to suffer cut-thru traffic on both sides of the river, @ the high school whose inexperienced drivers will have to deal w/ added traffic on a road already difficult to navigate. Good when a city has no other pressing needs. What is the benefit we are not hearing voiced-by your city, school district,by those with more that a casual investment in the outcome of this project? A bridge is good when the result has more positives than negatives.


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