You Too Could Cash in on a Chunk of $770,000 in Kane County Unclaimed Property

The Kane County Treasurer's Office reminds residents that there's a lot of unclaimed funds out there just waiting to land in your pocket.

Kane County Treasurer David Rickert is reminding Kane County residents that, "Hey, you've got some money due you, pal!"

OK, Rickert doesn't put it quite that way in his press release. But there's $770,662.72 sitting around waiting for someone to pick up, and one of those folks could be you. 

Lists of unclaimed funds are available on the Treasurer’s Office website. They consist of unclaimed from the county's Circuit Clerk's Office, Collector's Office and Treasurer's Office.

To collect unclaimed funds, a sworn statement must be signed in person and proof of identification must be presented.

The treasurer asks that people, "please, for heaven's sake, follow instructions on the website, would you?"

OK, he doesn't say it quite like that, either, but you get the drift.

You can also visit the Treasurer’s Office for assistance or contact the Treasurer’s Office at 630-232-3565.

The County Treasurer's Office holds unclaimed funds for seven years before transferring them to the state treasurer.


SOURCE: Kane County Treasurer's Office


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