Illinois the loser on corporate "Let's Make a Deal

THE BIGGEST LOSER Illinois lost OfficeMax to Florida this week, but it's always the loser in the never-ending game of "Let's Make a Deal" it plays with corporations that threaten to leave if they don't get tax breaks. Job-starved Illinois needs a sound policy for all businesses, not for a select few. More here.

MADIGAN'S TAKE Yesterday's email contained an incorrect link for House Speaker Michael Madigan's opinion on corporate tax breaks. This is an important statement on the state's business policy. Read it here.

HIGH STAKES The Illinois Supreme Court eventually will decide whether the pension reform bill passed last week will stand as law. The plaintiffs in that lawsuit will be Illinois public employee unions. Today's chart takes a look at how much campaign money the seven justices have received from those unions.

KNOW YOUR JUSTICES Four Democrats, three Republicans, one very big decision. Find out more about your Illinois Supreme Court justices in this infographic.

RUSH HOUR In 2000, U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush got a $1 million grant to establish the Bobby Rush Center for Community Technology. Today, the money's gone and there's no tech center. The Better Government Association and Chicago Sun-Times dig in. Click here.

IN THE WAREHOUSE The Better Government Association loves the new database for searching state government business. You will too. Find out more about The Warehouse here.

PENSION PASSION The new pension law soon will be in the hands of the Illinois Supreme Court, but Scott Reeder of the Illinois Policy Institute is not going let it go quietly. In today's column, he invokes his late grandmother, Iwo Jima and the "I Have a Dream" speech in denouncing last week's pension action. No matter what side you're on, don't miss this one.

TOP 5 Here's a look at headlines from around Illinois today:

  • 5. A top union official says Michael Madigan’s crackdown on corporate tax breaks is welcomed, but isn’t enough to atone for the pension reform bill. (Chicago Sun-Times)
  • 4. A dozen Illinois companies are warning of nearly 1,800 layoffs over the next two months. (Crain’s Chicago Business)
  • 3. A recent report from pension consultants at Mercer shows some good news on the Illinois pension front. (Crain’s Chicago Business)
  • 2. Opinion: Now we see why state educators tried to keep the results from a statewide education survey hidden. (Chicago Tribune)
  • 1. The Better Government Association investigated U.S. Rep. Bobby Rush and his apparent misuse of a $1 million grant. The article, plus an interview with a BGA investigator, is here. (Chicago Tonight)


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