D303 Offers Internships for Educators

Educator Intern Partnership will have unpaid interns hone their skills by working alongside D303 teachers.

Certificated teachers who don't have a full-time position will be able to enhance their skills while working alongside St. Charles Community Unit School District 303 personnel under an Educator Intern Partnership, the district announced Wednesday.

The partnership aims to strengthen teaching practices in the classroom.

“The challenging economic times in which we live have created a situation that provides a unique opportunity,” District 303 Superintendent Dr. Donald Schlomann said in a press release. “There are qualified teaching candidates available but not enough placements for all of them. The intern partnership provides a way for future teachers to gain experience while they continue to seek a full-time position and at the same time gives District 303 another opportunity to further our mission.”

District 303 is making available one Educator Intern Partnership position at each of its 17 schools. Internship candidates must be certificated teachers to be considered, the district's release states. The unpaid internship requires a commitment for at least one semester – unless the intern secures a paid teaching position.

The interns will work with experienced educators at a specific school to strengthen instructional skills and gain additional classroom experience and knowledge.

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“The partnership gives current teachers a means of strengthening their profession by mentoring and sharing their experience with the next generation of educators,” Pam Turriff, president of the St. Charles Education Association, said in the release.

Certificated educators interested in applying for the District 303 Educator Intern Partnership can find more information and begin the application process by visiting www.d303.org.

mary August 01, 2012 at 08:12 PM
What will the districts' commitment be to those teachers who volunteer? Will they be given priority when teaching positions do open up?
Brandon August 02, 2012 at 02:41 AM
This is just a ploy to get newly certified teachers with most recent research based strategies to assist those older teachers for free. Most new teachers have already completed a student teaching assignment that they must pay for along with additional practicums and also are on sub lists to get experience. Who can afford to work for free for longer than that? Newly certified teachers are leaving the industry before even getting a chance to teach due to financial needs.
Brandon August 02, 2012 at 02:46 AM
If you read the faculty lists, most of the educators are related in that district. It is really hard to get in if you do not know someone even if you volunteer or sub. According to Senate Bill 7, the best qualified educator should be hired for any vacancy. That is not what is happening.


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