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Life is all about what we make it, but there are times in life that you get down and my mom always said it's mind over matter and you can over come anything! If I can share at least one positive affirmation a day with you and you can share it with others, we can all become stronger together!
When I was 24 years old a mentor told me to get rid of all of the negative people in my life, I thought he was out of his mind! It took me a few months to really do what he said, once I did it, my whole life changed! There are people in your life for a reason and a season, it's up to you to figure it out. Everything happens for a reason! I have lived my life... POSITIVE THOUGHTS = POSITIVE RESULTS Now is your time to turn things around. If life is not as you expected it to be at this point, or life is good but could be better and if life is great, it can always be fabulous. Check in everyday for a little PMA to Change Your Mind Change Your Life NEWS *** I DID IT MAGAZINE'S FIRST EDITION *** APRIL 15, 2013 I have always been about Positive Mental Attitude, and with that, ANYONE can OVERCOME ANYTHING! Your MIND is a POWERFUL TOOL! I feel that we as a team need to inspire the next generation of success stories waiting to happen by sharing our own! With hard work, passion and the right attitude, anything is possible! It's easy to give up and hard to push forward. When anything went wrong in my life, my mom would say you have 5 minutes to feel sorry for yourself and then move on, only you can make the changes you want to see in life. This seemed really harsh, but as I grew, I understood it more and more and now find myself saying the same thing to my daughter. Life is not always easy or fair, but it is with a Positive Mental Attitude that will change the end result - hard work and passion too! So I ask that you share your story about your personal success. How you started and one of your fondest memories, one of your most heart-felt memories and if you would be willing to share - the moment when you were ready to give up, and what made you push forward, what was that inspiration? We all have these stories, but it is not shared enough, which is why I am publishing this magazine. Welcome to our journey! Like us on Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/IDIDITMAGAZINE?ref=hl Distributed via print locally and online via free PDF download: Publisher, Editor & Founder. Read all copies online here: http://www.magcloud.com/browse/issue/596001 or email I.did.it@aol.com for hard copy drop off and your business location.
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