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I am old enough to be realistic, but young enough to still have the energy to fight for idealistic dreams.  I have a political outlook that is very strongly shaped by my faith, and am wired up to work for social justice issues wherever they appear.  I do not believe that government is always the problem because, at the end of the day, government is nothing more than a collection of folks just like you and me, working to do the best they can with what they have.
I have been married for almost twenty years to a wonderful woman who is far smarter and funnier than I and who has continually expanded my horizons and worldview.  As a family, we have been blessed with twin boys, and we call Redeemer Fellowship in St. Charles our home church.  Professionally, I am a former Architect who quit work 11 years ago to be a full-time stay-at-home dad for our boys three months after they were born.  I currently work part-time during the school-year as an adjunct professor / woodshop manager at a local University and am home full-time during the summers.  In 2002  I became the first male member of the Tri-Cities Mothers of Twins and Triplets, where I quickly learned that it was the role of primary care-giver, not gender, that bound us all together.  I have worked on-and-off in various capacities with Habitat for Humanity across the past 21 years (helping to found two chapters and serving on the Board of Directors of three chapters).  I was appointed by the Mayor to serve on the City of St. Charles Housing Commission when it was founded in '06, and continue to serve there to this day.  In the spring of '11 I helped to lead the charge in the D303 community to support the proposed merger of Davis and Richmond schools, as I felt it was in the best interests of our children and our community. In what little "spare" time I have, I enjoy working on restoring our 1931 bungalow, located in downtown St. Charles, and I enjoy it even more when I have opportunities to design and build furniture.  
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